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Benefits of Everyday Reading

Did you know reading everyday has been linked to stronger critical thinking skills, improved handwriting and mental stimulation? These are some of the benefits everyday reading can provide for children of all ages. Kumon gives children ample opportunity to gain a love of reading through its worksheet-based program. Kumon’s Reading Program contains passages from a variety of classic novels, providing children with a diverse reading experience. The more your children read, the more opportunities they have to learn something new and exciting.  Here are some other benefits of reading every day:

  • Improved memory – Reading a story with multiple characters, environments and personalities helps children improve memorization skills. Children get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the book they are reading and recall information about each character and events that took place.
  • Vocabulary growth – With each new word children see, there’s an opportunity for them to incorporate that word into their everyday language. When your children are reading books at home, keep a dictionary close by so they can look up any word they may be unfamiliar with. This ensures they learn a new word and understand its meaning. Most dictionaries provide synonyms for words, which show children there are multiple words that have the same meaning.
  • Enjoyment – Children who read fictional books, like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz, get the opportunity to expand their imagination. They can visualize characters, animals and even entire worlds that may not exist in real life. This provides an escape from some of the stress they may be dealing with in school or life in general. Children that read historical books, like The Diary of Ann Frank, learn about events in the past, and compare those with things going on in the present.

If your children read a passage they enjoy from a Kumon Worksheet, remind them to ask their Kumon Instructor about borrowing the book that correlates to it. Most of these books can be found in your Kumon Center’s Library. If you are interested in other reading opportunities, don’t hesitate to ask your Kumon Instructor about the Kumon Recommended Reading List. This is a list of different books recommended for each Kumon Level. Your Kumon Instructor can suggest books that are perfect for your children’s ages and abilities. Reading can be a great way to connect with your children and unlock the potential that Toru Kumon believed all children posses.