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Building Classroom and Life Experience with the Kumon Program

Confidence, critical thinking skills, and the ability to solve problems are just a few of the skills that students enrolled in the Kumon Program learn to develop. Kumon Students continuously strive to develop their abilities to solve problems and become the best learners they can be in both the classroom and in life. As students progress through the Kumon Program, they learn how to apply these essential skills and use the confidence they’ve developed in their traditional classroom and outside school as well.



With confidence and determination, anything is possible. As detailed in the post “Success with the Kumon Program: Inside and Outside the Classroom,” confidence plays an important role in helping students understand and utilize their potential to accomplish their goals.  For years, Kumon Students have applied the skills and confidence learned from the Kumon Program to go on to become successful in life as scientists, professors, inventors and more.  Lavanya, a 19-year-old former Kumon Student, credits the Kumon Program with helping her develop the confidence she needed to become an entrepreneur and major in mechanical engineering at the University of California Berkeley. When asked about her experience with Kumon, she said that the Kumon Program helped her develop good study habits, build her confidence, and improve her independent working skills.


Critical Thinking Skills

Strong critical thinking and reading comprehension skills are a fundamental part of education. They enhance children’s academic development, as well as provide them with skill sets needed to achieve goals later in life. Students who develop these skills can later apply this ability through a number of fields, from reading and analysis to deciphering ancient texts and solving complicated mathematical problems. Ansun, a co-champion in the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee, was able to use the analytical skills and high reading ability that he developed as a Kumon Reading Program Completer to prepare for his competitions. In addition, the Kumon Program helped him successfully complete the vocabulary portions of spelling bee competitions. When asked about his experience with the Kumon Program, he said, “Kumon helped me concentrate and focus on studying and instilled a love of learning in me.”



As a Kumon Student, your child learns how to efficiently and accurately solve problems. Each Kumon assignment helps students strengthen their abilities and quickly solve increasingly difficult problems. The ability to solve problems efficiently can help students develop and apply those skills later in their careers, which can likewise help build their confidence. Jomy, a MD and PhD student at the University of Rochester, became a Kumon Student after struggling with math when he was in first grade.  In his research now as a biomedical engineering and medical student, he uses math every day.  When asked about his experience, he said, “Along with confidence, Kumon taught me to appreciate that I shouldn’t limit myself to saying I can’t do something. Instead, I try my best, and after that, I keep trying.” He continued, “I can honestly say that I would not be where, or who, I am today if not for the Kumon Program.”


For more information on how the Kumon Program can provide your children with the skills needed for success, contact your local Kumon Center.