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Building Confidence Through Kumon Study

All parents want their children to become happy and confident adults. When children lack self-confidence, it’s usually because they are focusing on areas they don’t believe they are strong in. This can lead to quitting at the first sign of difficulty or not making an effort at all.
The act of achieving something, no matter how big or small, gives children a sense of accomplishment. When goals are set and children work towards achieving them, they feel proud and more positive about themselves.
Carol S. Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, says “praising a child’s effort rather than the result is more effective in building confidence in learners. If you praise the effort, the strategy a child used, the perseverance, the improvement — these things focus on what the child actually did. These are things the child can do again in the face of difficulty. You’re teaching the child what brought success in the first place, and what to do again if he or she stumbles. They understood that because something was difficult didn’t mean they lacked ability or weren’t smart, it was just a part of learning.”

Kumon worksheets are designed in a way that allows children to use their prior knowledge and apply it to a new concept. Using example problems as guides and their own knowledge as a foundation, children in the Kumon Program are able to become independent learners. The opportunity to solve problems independently without being taught is greatly motivating and builds confidence.

With each learning milestone, children develop a belief in their abilities that will help them face any situation knowing they can achieve success. As children continue to persevere, they’ll work towards great accomplishments, one success at a time.