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Building Confidence: What It Means as a Kumon Student and Parent

As we previously discussed in our blog post “Overcoming Challenges through Confidence ,“ the confidence children build as Kumon Students helps them  overcome obstacles as they develop into independent learners. As students’ confidence soars, they begin to understand that they have limitless potential and can achieve great things. This boost in self-confidence all starts with the daily routine of the Kumon Program. We have compiled a collection of Kumon Success Stories from Kumon Parents to show how Kumon helped build their children’s confidence.

Confidence Quotes from Kumon Parents

“The structure of the Kumon Program has helped my son build confidence. Before Kumon, he wouldn’t talk if he couldn’t find the right words. Now, because of the Kumon Reading Program, he has developed an extensive vocabulary and can find the right words to use.” – Marianne, Kumon Mom from Walnut West CA

“My daughter wanted more help with math and found out about Kumon on her own. She wanted to do Kumon to make sure she understands math. With Kumon, she built her confidence and now she is happy, confident student.” – Chee, Kumon Mom from Middleton, WI

“Before Kumon, Christina didn’t like math. Now it’s easy and even fun for her. She has gained a new sense of confidence and focus that we didn’t see before.” – Lalla, Kumon Mom from Waipahu, HI

“My oldest son is a Kumon Student. He started during third grade when the timed multiplication tests were starting to wreak havoc on his confidence. Since starting the Kumon Math Program, he has gone from literally sitting at his desk each night crying his eyes out to coming home to proclaiming he’s the best math student in class. At Kumon, his confidence has grown leaps and bounds.” – Amanda, Kumon Mom from Baltimore, MD

“My child has improved her skills and her confidence levels are higher than I ever expected. I love Kumon. It was the best choice I made for my child.” – Robin, Kumon Mom from Sherwood, AR

“Kumon has helped my daughter learn to focus and has boosted her confidence. It’s worth the small amount of time every day.” – Amy, Kumon Mom from Cabot, AR

“As a parent, you want your child to have every chance to be successful. Kumon has helped both of my girls become confident with their academic talents and develop problem-solving skills.” – Clare, Kumon Mom from Shrewsbury, NJ

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