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Building Critical Skills with the Kumon Program

Learning from Kumon Worksheets

In the Kumon Math Program, students begin developing basic skills and the proper learning attitude. As they progress, their math ability improves, allowing them to complete problems quickly and accurately. New content is introduced using example problems in order to nurture each student’s self-learning ability. In the Kumon Reading Program, students develop their reading ability, which gradually improves as they progress throughout the program. As they advance, students are able to read more complex text and answer questions about the passages they read.



Self-correction is a beneficial skill that can help your children with assignments in school. The ability to find and correct one’s own mistakes independently is an important part of self-learning. In Kumon, an assignment is complete when a student has completed every problem correctly. As students progress through the Kumon Program, they learn to correct their mistakes quickly and accurately after grading and how to check their answers.


Problem Solving

Encountering problems is a regular part of life for both children and adults. Fortunately, Kumon students learn how to persevere through challenging times when introduced to new material in the worksheets. As Kumon students, your children will learn how to tackle difficult problems correctly and confidently.


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