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Building Learning Skills Through Pencil and Paper

Over the past several years, the use of computers, tablets, and digital learning tools has increased exponentially in classrooms all across the country. As students become more tech savvy, they can become more reliant on technology in order to achieve academic success. Therefore, it is more important than ever that your children have a strong foundation in math and reading without the aid of digital tools.

The Kumon Program is rooted in the centuries old tradition of pencil and paper because, even in our digital age, the practice has been proven tried and true. In fact, many recent studies such as one by Indiana University have shown that writing information – as opposed to typing – activates multiple regions of the brain associated with processing and remembering information. In that sense, writing information down encourages remembering information better than using digital devices. Using pencil and paper is also often less distracting than digital devices, where students may be tempted to surf the internet or play games instead of studying.

The basic approach of pencil and paper ensures that children have a full grasp and understanding of materials, without relying on the assistance of calculators or gadgets. In many cases, it can be easier to mentally calculate sums than to use calculators. Steve and Terry Chu, Kumon Students from Sacramento, CA share their stories. Steve said, “Children used to call me the ‘human calculator’ in school. The teacher would always assign math homework at the start of class, and by the time class was over I’d have it done.” Terry continued, “I remember in 4th grade, the teacher used to compete with me doing multiplication problems using a calculator. I always beat her.”

While digital tools and devices are excellent ways to supplement your children’s education, it’s important to make sure that they have a strong foundation without relying on those tools for help. To learn how the Kumon Program can help your children to do just that, visit