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Building Self-Esteem: What it Means as a Kumon Parent and Student

“Nobody can tell whether something is possible or not without action. First try it and see.” – Toru Kumon

When Toru Kumon founded the Kumon Program in 1954, he aimed to develop an academic program that encouraged students to learn independently and to maximize their potential. Since then, students from around the world have not only developed their self-learning ability, but also gained the self-esteem and confidence needed to believe anything is possible if they try. To highlight this theme of encouragement and self-confidence, we have compiled a collection of Kumon Success Stories from Kumon Parents and Students, detailing how the Kumon Program helped each student build his or her self-esteem.

Kumon Parents

“For my son, success is the ability to meet challenges and to strive not only for excellence, but to become a confident, competent, strong and independent person.” – Augusto, a Kumon Dad from Palm Coast, FL

“Dolcé learned to read through Kumon. It has taught her to focus, be an independent learner, love reading, solve math exercises efficiently, and has given her confidence in her daily life.” – Nichole, a Kumon Mom from Fond du Lac, WI

“Before we enrolled Dawson in Kumon, he displayed almost no confidence. Now he shows real signs of leadership and is able to keep up with his peers.” – Randy, a Kumon Dad from Beaverton, OR

“Kumon has changed my children’s lives, not only in terms of academic achievement, but also in their self-esteem and willingness to keep trying at something until they succeed.” – Faye, Kumon Mom from Honolulu, Hawaii

“My son loves Kumon because he feels like he has accomplished something when he completes his Kumon Worksheets. What better gift to give a child of any ability level than the sense of pride and accomplishment?” – Karen, a Kumon Mom from Tulsa, OK

“Kumon has taught my son that if you keep working at it you will succeed. He knows that he is an achiever. Kumon has helped to build his self-esteem. It’s been a miracle in both math and reading.” – Mrs. Drummer, a Kumon Mom from St Louis, MO

Kumon Students

“Kumon has helped me so much in my math class at school. Now my class is doing things I learned in Kumon a while ago. When math is your easiest subject, it leaves you time to do other activities.” – Phoebe, Kumon Student from Willowbrook, IL

“With a lot of practice and by doing Kumon problems over and over again, you can gain confidence. Learning to solve difficult problems allows you to excel in class and not be afraid to ask questions.” – Norman, Kumon Student from Bridgewater, NJ

“Kumon has really helped me understand the basics of math and allowed me to advance. I feel confident that I will do very well in high school math since I have been a Kumon Student for some time now.” – Michala, Kumon Student from Toronto, ON, Canada

“Completing the Kumon program has allowed me to enjoy many unique experiences. Not only have I improved my skills, but I’m feeling confident and excited to tackle my next challenge.” – Anthony, Kumon Student from Maple, ON, Canada

“Tests have gotten easier the longer I’ve been in Kumon. I feel confident both in and out of school.” – Christina, a Kumon Student from Waipahu, HI