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Building Your Child’s Confidence with the Kumon Program

All parents want their children to experience success. To help them reach this goal, parents may encourage a variety of extracurricular activities like swim lessons or piano class. If the child enjoys those activities, his or her confidence and ability inevitably improves. On the other hand, if a child struggles, parents may question the child’s ability and encourage them to try something else. However, the same trial and error approach cannot be applied to a student’s academic studies. At Kumon, we understand that each and every child has the potential to learn, and we want to help all students develop into confident, independent learners.

When children enroll in the Kumon Program, they are given a placement test in order to determine their ability level. Once the placement test is conducted, the Kumon Instructor develops an individualized lesson plan at the starting point most comfortable for the child. Students who study at the level that is just right for them show amazing growth and confidence as they progress through the program and complete increasingly difficult math and reading concepts.

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