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Building Your Child’s Time Management Skills

“Because of Kumon, I am able to work independently, get things done faster, and focus on other activities like cheerleading.” – Gabby, a Kumon Student from Albuquerque, NM

An increased level of confidence and a comprehensive understanding of math and reading are typical traits many parents expect to see in their children after enrolling them in the Kumon Program. However, one benefit that is sometimes overshadowed is how much the Kumon Program can improve a child’s time management skills. As many Kumon parents and students learn over time, the ability to know how to manage one’s time well can have a far-reaching effect that can last a lifetime.

It is common knowledge among high school seniors and parents that top colleges and universities look for well-rounded students when reviewing applications. In order to gain admittance into top universities, a student must not only excel academically, but also actively participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, playing musical instruments, or academic enrichment clubs. The Kumon Program can not only help a student’s academic ability, but can also help with extracurricular activities.  As discussed in the “Kumon & Music: Teaching Skills for a Lifetime” blog post, the rigors of the Kumon Program can help a student understand the importance of regular practice and dedication. In order to complete daily assignments successfully, Kumon Students learn to concentrate on the task at hand in order to progress to the next level in the program.  Students can later apply that skill in their studies outside of the Kumon Program by learning how to focus their attention when managing multiple subjects and extracurricular activities.

The Kumon Program can also help students learn how to manage their time.  Every day, Kumon Students are tasked with completing a series of worksheets based on their current level in the Kumon Program. As students progress through the Kumon Program, they develop a deep understanding of math and reading and are able to use their time efficiently to solve problems both inside and outside the Kumon Program. In that sense, Kumon students can spend more time learning and applying their knowledge to solve problems, rather than simply memorizing facts.

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