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5 Tips to Help Improve your Child’s Math Skills

If your child struggles with math, you aren’t alone. That’s why we put together this list of tips to help improve your child’s math skills. Nothing can replace actual math practice, but these tips could make math practice just a little bit easier.

Math can be a difficult and intimidating subject for students, especially if they don’t have the right skills and strategies in place. Here are some Kumon-tested tips to help your child learn the necessary methods to improve his or her math grades:​


1. Tackle one problem at a time

tackle one problem at a time


Math can often seem overwhelming to kids, but the subject will be less daunting if you encourage your child to focus on one problem at a time. Remind your little one that math takes practice, and stress the importance of completing and learning one skill before moving onto the next so that they don’t feel lost.


2. Practice with example problems and check your answers

Math is all about learning by example and practicing your skills as many times possible to become an expert. Ensure your child refers back to his or her answer guide in the text book and makes corrections before moving on to a new chapter.


3. Find a quiet place to study

find a quiet place to study


The best way to study is without any distractions. Try turning off music, cell phones, etc. during homework time and see how much your child’s focus (and grade!) improves.

4. Explain the solution to a fellow classmate or parent

You’ll realize if you truly understand a math concept when explaining a problem or solution to another person. Ask your child to teach you or a classmate about a math concept he or she is learning in school. This will show you whether your child has grasped the material.


5. Use art to memorize formulas

use art to memorize formulas


Depending on memorization alone can be scary, and can cause your child anxiety during tests. Using drawings and/or doodles to help your little one remember formulas has proven to be a successful technique. No true art skills required here!

What are some of your tips for improving your child’s math skills? Share in the comments section below! 

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