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Discipline and Learning – It’s an Art


Abishek’s Story – Discipline and Learning

With an affinity for computers, Mississauga, Ontario student, Abhishek quickly recognized that he would need to master math to achieve his dreams. In grade school, he realized that he understood math concepts but he could never apply these concepts correctly.

Abishek always enjoyed math, but was not always a great math student. After seeing his fellow students advancing in math, thanks to the Kumon after school math program, Abhishek decided to embark on his own journey.


Computers – It’s a Math Thing!

building computers takes math


There’s a whole lot of math going on behind the scenes when it comes to computers. And building a CPU is all about math! Abishek wasn’t happy with his grades in grade 8 and he knew that to become a hardware engineer, he needed to bring his marks up.

Kumon boosted his self-esteem and every time he saw a math question, he tackled it with confidence. By making a promise to complete all of his Kumon homework, no matter where he was in the world, and following through with that promise, Abhishek successfully graduated from high school and is now studying to be a computer hardware engineer.


Dedication Wins the Day

the value of hard work cannot be overstated


Abishek’s journey with Kumon has been consistent! Even on a family trip to India he took in grade 11, he took his Kumon worksheets. But his dedication didn’t stop there. Soon he was asked by his Kumon instructor if he wanted to become an assistant at the centre. Abishek jumped at the chance, saying the experience has made him realize he loves teaching.

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