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The Eager Beaver who Could Read it All

Christopher’s Story – The Eager Beaver

At two months shy of turning three years old, Christopher’s parents realized that although he was rather young, his interest in reading was so evident that they wanted to enroll him in Kumon. Their hope was that the Kumon Reading Program would encourage his love of reading and learning so that it would carry over into other areas of his life. “By the age of four,” says his mother, Christine, “he was reading level 1 and 2 Batman and Star Wars books – we were amazed!”


Never Too Young for Success

Christopher is now five years old and in level 3A in the Math program (which covers understanding the sequence of numbers and number-writing skills) and in level A1 in the Reading program (where students understand the basic structure of simple sentences). He is happy to be able to read his favorite stories to his mom and dad and proudly claims “I’m the only student in my class that can read in both English and French – that’s so cool!” According to his mother, “Christopher has developed perseverance, confidence and a level of focus that has given him the ability to achieve amazing results in both the Reading and Math Kumon programs at the age of five.”

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The Kumon Connection

Christopher enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Centre of St. Rose/Laval just two years ago. During that time, he managed to impress his Instructor, Ben Giami, who praises Christopher’s dedication and perseverance and says that “Christopher is a hard-working five year old that loves books and reading. We weren’t sure whether he was ready for daily work but after only a few sessions, it became clear to us that he was ready and eager to work and learn.”

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What’s Next for Christopher?

Despite his busy schedule of activities, playing piano, taking swimming and tennis lessons and playing on a hockey team, Christopher manages to find time for Kumon. When asked about his proudest achievement, Christopher said “I am proudest of achieving Honor Role Status in both Reading and Math!”