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The Kumon Reading Tips Round-up


In today’s technology packed world, reading is facing some tough competition. If we are going to ensure reading stays one of the world’s favorite past-times, we need your help! Kumon is unashamedly one of the world’s biggest supporters of reading – and we’re doing our part to get the word out on words. That’s why we’ve put together this reading round-up. Together, with your help, the next generation will be on the same page too.

6 Tips to Keep Your Kids Interested in Reading

6 tips to keep your kids interested in reading


If you’ve suggested that your children should read more, only to be met with the inevitable “why?”, stop what you are doing and read this article! We’ve put together 6 tips that will help you get past all the “why” questions so that reading can become a new favorite past-time for your kids.

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4 Tips to Help Your Teen Read Efficiently

4 tips to help your teen read efficiently


The next time you see your child reading, pay attention to their facial expression. Are they eyes wide open? Or are they staring blankly? Reading can be a lot tougher than it needs to be if efficiency isn’t part of the equation. Make sure it is with this article!

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