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The Kumon Study Skills Round-up

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Studying. A fun activity to pass the time? Or the bane of every child’s existence? Each child and parent probably has their own opinion on the issue, but no matter where you stand, there’s one thing we can all agree on: studying is here to stay.

So since studying is here to stay – and since we’ve been helping kids study for the last 50+ years, we thought we could help everybody out a little bit. We’ve put together a list of our best study skills articles to help you turn your little ones into studying machines. Have a look below!

study skills - the Kumon study skills round-up


4 Tips to Get the Most out of Studying

4 tips to get the most out of studying


It turns out that getting the most out of study time depends on more than the actual time one spends studying. We need to consider things like sleep deprivation, learning types and study techniques. Learn more by clicking the link below.

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Research Suggests Homework Frustrates Parents

Research Suggests Homework Frustrate Parents


As a parent, have you ever been frustrated by having to help your kids with their homework? You’re not alone! And now, there’s even research that validates your struggles further. Read all about it here:

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5 Tips to Ace the Summer to School Transition

5 tips to ace the summer to school transition


Just when your kids were starting to settle into their summer routine – boom! Time to go back to school. Not all kids are going to be psyched to go back to school, but you can help your little ones get ready and ease the summer-school transition with these 5 tips. Read away!

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Why to Focus on “Early Learning” for Your Child

why focus on early learning for your child


Early learning is a semi-new concept that talks about the benefits of getting a jump-start on education – a little earlier than in traditional school systems. There is mounting research that suggests early learning is a great idea. Learn why in this article.

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5 Tips to Avoid the “Summer Slide”

5 tips to avoid the summer slide


Summertime – a period of rest, fun, vacation and… studying? We all want to give our kids the best chance at success, but sometimes it might feel like things get a little ‘too relaxed’ during the summer break. Here’s the good news: we at Kumon have some fun ideas to help you and your kids avoid the “Summer Slide”. Enjoy!

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