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What is the Best Study Routine for Children?

Establishing an academic study routine is paramount to a student’s mastery of the skills they need to progress through their academic career.

A study schedule provides a structured framework that promotes discipline, consistency and optimal learning. But it doesn’t happen without work, and this is where the Kumon Method excels.

Kumon’s instruction method provides students with the ability to advance to high school level material through self-learning. Through its tried-and-true method developed more than 60 years ago, students are taught to study independently from an early age and develop both a high level of academic ability and the ability to learn independently. And that all starts with establishing a routine of 30 minutes a day for study and weekly instruction in a local Kumon centre.

The Kumon Method also emphasizes problem-solving skills where students are challenged to work through increasingly complex problems. The method develops a cadence for critical thinking skills as the students progress independently through a carefully crafted math and reading curriculum.

Kumon’s daily practice routine using worksheets helps students develop discipline and perseverance. Whether it’s math or reading, each subject requires about 30 minutes of study sessions each day. Setting aside that time can become a positive habit that will allow confidence and independence to flourish. Over time, this consistency contributes to academic success through improved productivity and increased knowledge retention.

Breaking down the study sessions to 30 minutes per day reduces stress levels and promotes a calm and focused mindset. It also allows your student to distribute the workload evenly across the days and weeks while they work through the program. A well-designed, healthy academic routine also includes time for breaks, physical activity and rest to improve well-being.

The individual plans for each student are designed by Instructors to promote these healthy aspects and help your child master their reading and math skills.

Individualized lessons are planned by the centre Instructor, and the worksheets used are designed to provide examples of the problems to be solved. Students are challenged to follow examples and solve the problem on their own. They can request an Instructor’s assistance only after they have tried on their own. If they don’t initially master the skills and concepts in the worksheets, Instructors can also add additional repetition based on each individual student’s needs.

Kumon’s system fosters a sense of confidence in students and encourages their abilities as they work through the program and see their progress. Achieving a goal, no matter how large or small, provides children with a sense of accomplishment. As they continue to meet their milestones throughout the program, students develop a greater belief in their own abilities. Praise, rewards and Kumon’s curriculum can help a student reach their maximum potential.

The Kumon Method is a structured and disciplined approach that aligns with the core principles of developing effective routines. By establishing strong study habits, self-learning skills and a love for learning, Kumon’s curriculum helps students make the most of their academic potential and personal growth.