Young Author Demonstrates the Value of Discipline in Achieving Goals

Young Author Demonstrates the Value of Discipline in Achieving Goals

Angeline, a Kumon Student for more than 6 years, has loved reading for as long as she can remember. Through reading, she was inspired to practice developing her writing skills to write a novel of her own.

She began writing a book at a young age, and her writing routine later became very consistent. Angeline said, “I would aim to spend a minimum of 3 hours daily on the manuscript. This would mean writing another 5-10 pages, or just rewriting some scenes.”

The motivation to write wasn’t always there, but one key factor that helped was discipline. She credits the Kumon Program for helping to develop the structure and discipline needed to continue building a skill or completing a task.

Angeline said, “Kumon goes the extra length to give you the repetition that is key to understanding those concepts and becoming efficient with them.”

In Angeline’s case, the repetition of writing each day helped her complete her novel. While she did work consistently on her novel, there were times she faced challenges like writer’s block. Angeline said, “Even so, my family continued to push me, and I was still determined to fulfill my long-held childhood dream of being an author.”

Thanks to her drive and the discipline to continue working towards her dream, in December of 2021 Angeline’s dystopian novel, “Compound” was published.

“Compound” is a sci-fi, dystopian fiction novel that follows the story of protagonist Ashlyn Fletcher as she navigates her way through difficult oppressions in the state of Nova. Whether it be the State Leaders that rule Nova, or her cruel mother who rules the family, she is left to cower under both tyrannies without hope of ever escaping. Abandoned by her father eight years ago, Ashlyn has no one else to turn to except her brother, Lucas. That is, until a sudden loss finally grants Ashlyn her freedom. What she doesn’t know is that a deeper threat lurks in the shadows. Dark and festering, it is a menace to everything Ashlyn hopes to build. As time runs out and the lives of her loved ones are threatened, Ashlyn must sacrifice everything to save them.

This publication was one of her proudest accomplishments. Angeline said:

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“I am most proud of my achievement in writing and publishing a book that I’ve been developing since I was eight years old. I am also proud of my debut appearance as an author in my recent Author Event at Barnes and Noble where I got to sign and sell books while getting to know my new readers. Further, my book is now available in the library in my community, which is something I’ve always dreamed of.”

With one novel complete, Angeline hopes to continue building her platform as an author. She continuously works on unfinished manuscripts in her free time.

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In addition to reading and writing regularly Angeline practices track and field. She is a three-time county champion during the indoor season. Her success was featured in a newspaper highlighting one of her best hurdle races.

By continuously practicing and showing initiative, Angeline was promoted to Captain of her high school’s track team. “As a Varsity athlete, this achievement means that I am valued as a leader just as much as I am valued as an athlete,” said Angeline.

Angeline intends to study engineering to have an occupation in orthopedics or biotechnology. She is set to intern at the National Cancer Institute in the United States where she will be investigating plasma membranes through a process called microscopy. Angeline said, “With my acceptance into this prestigious internship, I feel as though Kumon has continued to feed my hunger for knowledge even in other subject areas like this one.”

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