Carly, 11: Instructor Laura Chen - Kumon

Carly, 11: Instructor Laura Chen

November 5, 2010 ~

Carly, 11, was at the top of her class in Shrewsbury, NJ but her mother felt that she needed a new challenge. Carly’s teacher recommended Kumon as an enrichment program for math, so her parents enrolled Carly in Kumon of Shrewsbury. Through her Kumon study, Carly has been able to learn advanced material independently and recently earned the Presidential Award for having an overall GPA higher than 92 percent.

“As a parent, you want your child to have every chance to be successful,” said Carly’s mom, Clare. “Kumon has helped both of my girls become confident with their academic talents and develop problem-solving skills.”

Carly does her Kumon work every day with her father, an engineer, to help guide her. Her mother believes in Kumon so much that she also did the worksheets along with Carly until they reached Algebra.

“My mom and dad are a huge help at home,” said Carly. “They always encourage me and guide me when I have a question, but they never let me give up by giving me the answers.”

Carly is currently studying simultaneous linear equations and simplifying polynomials in level H and hopes to complete the Kumon Math Program before high school.

“Kumon helps me see things before I see them in school, so it’s easier to learn,” said Carly. “I like being smart and helping other students.”

At school Carly is involved in musical theater, the gifted-and-talented program and plays flute in her school band. She also takes jazz and ballet classes and is learning pointe, a style of ballet danced on the toes in special shoes. As a reward for her excellent grades, Carly takes horseback riding lessons each summer. One day she hopes to be a riding instructor or an elementary school math teacher.