Caroline, 10: Instructor, Jas Dillard - Kumon

Caroline, 10: Instructor, Jas Dillard

May 15, 2012 ~

For many children, learning about multiplication, division, and fractions does not add up to a good time.  Ten year old Caroline, however welcomes the challenge of math.  So much so, she is already tackling algebra at her local Kumon Center, where she also studies in Kumon’s reading program.

“Caroline is my highest level student, studying three years above her grade level in math and two years above grade level in reading ” said her Instructor Jas Dillard.  “She’s passionate and enthusiastic in everything she does.”

Caroline began studying with Kumon in the second grade.  “Kumon filled a wonderful need,” said Stephen Locke, Caroline’s dad. “They were unbiased when it came to showing us where Caroline was academically.”

Over the years Caroline has continued to excel in Kumon, taking note of how her efforts at the center have helped her in school.  “I like being ahead in my class and helping other kids in my class with math,” she said.

Figuring out the answers on her own and drawing on her critical thinking skills drives Caroline when working on equations.  “I like that there are a lot of ways to get the answer to a problem,” she says.

Her Instructor takes note during every class session of how good Caroline is at problem solving and her independence when it comes to learning new concepts.  Even more impressive, Caroline is able to successfully maintain a busy schedule of school, homework, and 12 hours a week of gymnastics.

“Caroline’s work in Kumon helps her quickly complete homework,” says her mom Lauren Locke.  “As a result she is able to spend her time perfecting her skills as a level five gymnast.”

Caroline has set a goal to complete the Kumon Program before high school.  She hopes to become a lawyer or a writer when she grows up.  In the meantime, she enjoys being at the top of her class, in school and at Kumon.  Having scored in the 99th percentile for her standardized math exam, Caroline was recently selected to participate in a summer math program for gifted students at Duke University.