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One Student’s Journey from Kumon to Top University

Casey Valedictorian

When aiming to be accepted into an elite business school, you need more than excellent academic grades to help you stand out. Former Kumon Student, Casey applied to one of the top business schools in the United States and in her essay she eloquently described the impact her Kumon studies had on her. “The experience of working through [Kumon’s] self-learning program at a young age has caused me to stand out amongst my peers in both academic and extracurricular aspects of my life,” said Casey.

Starting Early

Casey’s mom enrolled her in the Kumon Math and Reading Program when she was five years old. At the time she was beginning Kumon, she was diagnosed with a speech delay and consequently had difficulty reading. By age seven, she was able to read effortlessly and that began a passion for reading, which led to her finishing the entire Kumon Reading Program when she was 11 years old; a major feat considering the reading program develops critical reading of literature and poetry including Shakespeare.


As she entered high school, she realized the value of her efforts as a Kumon Student. She realized and how instrumental it was in getting her to the top of her class and becoming a leader in her school. Her Kumon experience has cultivated a strong work ethic that enabled her to excel in academics and track and field while working as an assistant at her local Kumon Center.  She also founded a non-profit organization called Students Taking Action in Response to Troubling Times, which connects fellow students with socially conscious organizations in need of volunteers.


Casey graduated as valedictorian from her high school and has been accepted to Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She recognizes her Kumon Instructor as her inspiration to pursue a field in entrepreneurship. Impressed by the positive impact her Kumon Instructor had on students, Casey has similar business goals where the objective is to enrich the lives of others.