Success Stories –


Enjoy a few of our success stories


Meet Kiran

A Kumon Program completer by the age of 10, Kiran designed and built a prosthetic hand for a 6th grader who lost his hand as a child.

Meet Molly

As a young adult, Molly found healing in the Kumon Program after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Meet Melissa and Lavanya

Sisters, engineers and young entrepreneurs who founded their own STEM business after discovering a love for math and learning in the Kumon Program.

Meet Abhishek

Driven by his love for computers and dream of becoming a hardware engineer, Abhishek asked his parents to enroll him in the Kumon Math Program. He completed the entire program in just four years.

Meet Bibi

The youngest champion representing Mexico in the “World Championship of Gymnastics”, Bibi also has aspirations of becoming an astronaut. Kumon has taught her to achieve more.

Meet Jack

After struggling in school, Kumon helped Jack gain focus and a greater sense of confidence in his studies.

Meet Siddhant

Siddhant completed both the Kumon Math and Reading Programs by the 6th grade. He now wants to pursue a career in computer science and technology.

Meet Pranav

An aspiring scientist, he’s already completed 11 college courses and is working toward earning his bachelors degree at 17.

Meet Keshav

This former student and current Kumon assistant has dedicated his life to helping others, and credits Kumon with building his solid work ethic.

Meet Christine

Starting Kumon at age 3 has helped Christine study far beyond her peers — she’s even passed a geometry class at Johns Hopkins.