Cathy, 11: Instructor, Yvonne Lee - Kumon

Cathy, 11: Instructor, Yvonne Lee

An avid soccer player and baritone for her school’s orchestra, Cathy, 11, enjoys being active in extracurricular activities and spending time with friends.  Reading, however, was one of her least favorite activities when she enrolled in Kumon at eight years old.  The thought of completing Kumon’s entire reading program, which goes up to high level critical thinking and interpretation skills, never entered Cathy’s mind. Her Kumon Instructor, Yvonne Lee, however noticed Cathy’s potential and knew she could excel in the program.  “I told Cathy, that if she was willing to continue, she would get the most out of the program and build solid comprehension skills.” Before Cathy knew it, she had completed more than 10 levels of the Kumon Reading program, reaching Kumon’s Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR) by the time she was in the fourth grade.  Cathy became excited about learning material above her grade level.  “I think it’s great,” she said.  “It is challenging and interesting to learn harder things.” Cathy eventually began to do so well in Kumon, studying material well above her grade level, that her dad questioned the need to continue with the program.  “I decided to let Cathy make the decision to continue, and she chose to finish all the way.” Cathy was determined to complete the entire reading program. “I just didn’t want to have all that work done and not finish,” she said. “Finishing Kumon was just something I needed to do.” Her perseverance and motivation from her instructor and parents lead to Cathy completing the entire Kumon Reading program in just three years. By the time Cathy was in the sixth grade, she not only completed the program, but received the #1 ranking among Kumon’s ASHR students in North America. With all of the hard work Cathy invested into her Kumon studies, she’s now excelling even more in school.  Even her science and social studies teachers say she’s always able to finish assignments quickly and accurately.  Cathy credits that to the comprehension skills she developed at Kumon.