Celebrating Achievement at Various Levels - Kumon

Celebrating Achievement at Various Levels

The feeling of accomplishment can be a powerful emotion. It causes our self-confidence to soar and motivates us to work even harder. Kumon students often experience the same feeling when they successfully learn a new concept or pass an Achievement Test. Regardless of how big or small, each achievement is an opportunity for you to help your child feel a sense of accomplishment in their tasks by praising them.

Success in Kumon can be viewed a variety of ways. It can vary from developing the skills and focus to work independently, to reaching the Advanced Student Honor Roll (ASHR). As adults, we are aware that learning is a lifelong process. Kumon aims to instill in all children a love of learning that will continue into adulthood. As children succeed in Kumon and in school, recognize and appreciate the effort they make. This type of encouragement helps children embrace challenges and persist when things become difficult.

Children naturally love to learn, especially when they have the right combination of familiarity and challenge. Praise and reassurance along the way help when it comes to ensuring children experience the feeling of accomplishment. Our students celebrate victories each day, which leads to a priceless belief: limitations are only for those who do not try.