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Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

September 6, 2011 ~

Grandparents often play a critical role in a child’s development by offering love and support while providing a deep connection to family history. When it comes to potential, grandparents can be a wonderful resource by teaching their grandchildren about their extensive past experiences while inspiring them to dream big and reach toward possibility. On September 11, celebrate Grandparent’s Day by spending time with your loved ones and honoring the elders in your life who help to enrich every day with the knowledge and wisdom that only time can bring. Here are some ideas for fostering family bonding among different generations.
Share Stories
Gather loved ones around and encourage grandparents to talk about their pasts. Sharing stories is one of the oldest forms of learning. By telling stories, we learn from the past and enrich the future. Learning about history through the eyes of loved ones provides a personal connection to cultural and historical events. Break out old photo albums and spend time perusing the memories they contain. Helping your child feel connected is an important part of developing a solid support system, and such support is key to a child reaching his or her full potential.
Share Hobbies and Talents
Grandparents have years of life experience. What fun things have they perfected over the years? Baking, knitting, playing an instrument and mastering a card game are all great skills elders can teach to their grandchildren. Not only will your child learn something new, but this sharing will open up another avenue for bonding and help to create a meaningful relationship.
Create Role Models
We often look to actors, singers and sports stars for life inspiration. Grandparents may not be famous and have the attention of millions, but they have spent a lifetime pursuing their potential and have many great achievements. Talk to your child about the amazing qualities and accomplishments of the grandparents in his or her life, and you will spark a realization that the most extraordinary people are often the ones who are right in front of us.
Family support is an important component of a child’s development and long-term success. Our families come in all kinds of packages. When possible, it is important to connect and share with our loved ones, especially those with the perspective of a lifetime. Celebrate the grandparents and elders in your child’s life and let them know that they are appreciated all year long.