Charles, 8: Instructor Kelly Sharp - Kumon

Charles, 8: Instructor Kelly Sharp

February 23, 2011 ~
Charles, a third grader, began Kumon’s Reading Program at the Boucherville Kumon Center in Quebec as a first grader. After two years in the program, he is currently at Level C1. When Charles entered Kumon, he didn’t speak a word of English. In Quebec, most students go to a French school, and eligible students attend an English or a French immersion school, where they learn both languages. Charles goes to a French school, where he spends only 10 percent of his time learning English. A lot of the students in Quebec, like Charles, only speak French and have very little, if any, knowledge of the English language.

Charles started at the beginning in 7A and followed the goals of each level. His Instructor added a comprehension element to ensure that he understood the new words that he was learning. Charles underlined words that he did not understand and created a mini dictionary in which he wrote the definition of each word or the equivalent word in French. He was also encouraged to read 15 minutes to 20 minutes per day in English just for fun.

After only a year, Charles was able to use his skills while vacationing in London. He was quite proud of himself as he discovered that he had no difficulty speaking and understanding English. According to Charles’ Kumon Instructor, Kelly, he was recently honored for completing Level C in Kumon by Grade 3 and received a bronze medal for Advanced Student Honor Roll. “I am very proud of Charles’ continuous efforts in the reading program and his determination to learn English,” said Instructor, Kelly.

His parents also played a role in Charles’ development. They made sure he did his Kumon homework every day and that he stopped to underline words he did not understand and look them up in a dictionary. They also monitored his daily reading and made an effort to speak to him in English at least once a week during suppertime or during the drive to and from school.

During his free time, Charles enjoys playing soccer, tennis and hockey.