Charles, Matthew and Victor: Instructor, Raj Walia - Kumon

Charles, Matthew and Victor: Instructor, Raj Walia

Third grade students, Matthew, Victor and Charles, were recently selected to compete in the Math Olympics, a yearly competition between thousands of elementary schools in Southern California. These boys, chosen based on their high math ability, have more in common than being advanced math students and classmates at South Hills Academy in West Covina. All three have also been studying math and reading at Kumon of Walnut for the past several years.

The boys’ parents all agree that Kumon has been a significant factor in helping their sons sharpen their academic skills.
“Kumon has taught him calculation ability and reading ability,” said Charles’ mother, Sophia.
Charles agrees adding, “Kumon helped me to do math quickly and correctly.”
Matthew’s mother, Marianne, also feels that Kumon has contributed to her son’s self-confidence and social skills saying, “Kumon allowed Matthew to become a complete learner and allowed him to enjoy participating in these events without anxiety or fear.”
Matthew, who also recently won the Association of Christian School’s third grade spelling bee, is proud of being selected for the Math Olympics, but he’s also happy for his friends. “I was excited to be chosen, but I was more excited for my classmates, Charles and Victor, who were also chosen to be with me.”
“The success of Matthew, Victor and Charles is a team effort, which involves the Kumon Curriculum, the boys and their parents and my Kumon Assistants,” said Raj Walia, Kumon of Walnut Instructor. “In spite of their busy schedules, these boys are always eager to attnd Kumon, and I am incredibly proud of them for their hard work and accomplishments.”
Despite these notable  academic accomplishments being achieved at such a young age, parents of all three boys still have quite simple aspirations for their sons: to be happy and balanced.
When asked to describe her hopes and dreams for her son, Victor’s mother, Beth, replied, “That he’ll be a well-rounded person able to overcome any challenges he encounters.”
The boys themselves, however, may be setting their goals even higher than their parents. “I want to be a scientist,” said Victor, “because I want to know different things about the world.”