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Checking Out the Kumon Library

March 12, 2012 ~

Kumon is known worldwide for its benefits to children’s math skills, but Kumon’s commitment to helping children reach their potential in reading comprehension is just as strong. From a carefully developed Recommended Reading List to an in-center library where students can take out books to read at home, Kumon is the place for children to develop a love of reading by working at their own pace. Here are some insights to help you navigate Kumon’s reading resources, including the Recommended Reading List and the Book Tracker.
Recommended Reading List (RRL)
Kumon has developed a Recommended Reading List that, much like the math and reading program, is designed to be level-appropriate while fostering a passion and joy for reading. Recently revised to replace out-of-print titles and expand the range of titles offered, the RRL has something for all skill levels and interests. Ideally, students should read at least five books from their current Kumon level and five books from the next level.
Library of Books
Every Kumon Center has a library of books from the RRL. Instructors place the books on the bookshelf in order of level. The books for new readers are at the bottom for younger children to access easily. As students progress through the Reading Program, they’ll find the more advanced books higher on the bookshelf.
Kumon’s Book Tracker
The Book Tracker, which can be used at home, helps students track the books they have read and gives them an opportunity to express their opinions about each book. Students will write the date, title and author of each book read, answer questions, and express their feelings about the book either by writing freely or drawing a picture. The Book Tracker is a perfectly-sized take-home and should be fun and motivational for the student, allowing for further exploration of a book. Parents do not need to worry about correcting their child’s misspelling or grammar in the Book Tracker. The most important roles a parent can play are supporter and encourager, giving praise as his or her child progresses through the reading program.
Books can open a world of thought, discussion, and joy for a child. The Kumon Reading Program is designed to support and encourage the skills a child needs for lifelong learning.