Christina, 12: Instructor Marsha Nakasone - Kumon

Christina, 12: Instructor Marsha Nakasone

June 22, 2010 ~
Since enrolling in the math program at the Kumon Center of Waipahu in Hawaii, 12-year-old Christina no longer dreads going to math class or worries about using her fingers when adding or subtracting. In fact, she is studying three years above her grade level and has even received a “Best in Math” award from her school.

“Within the first three to six months, we saw improvement,” said Christina’s mother, Lalla. “Before Kumon, Christina didn’t like math. Now it’s easy and even fun for her. She has gained a new sense of confidence and focus that we didn’t see before.”

After Christina reached Level J, she set a goal to complete the program. Her drive to achieve program completion has given her a sense of determination, which is evident in her 4.0 GPA and in her standardized test scores. Before Christina enrolled in Kumon, her math computation skills on the IOWA standardized test were at 42%, and now her skills are ranked at 99%.

“The test has gotten easier the longer I’ve been in Kumon,” said Christina. “I feel confident both in and out of school.”

Outside of her schoolwork and Kumon work, Christina is also passionate about art. She is a member of the art club at school and loves to draw, paint and sketch. She has even become a role model for her little brother, who couldn’t wait to begin Kumon this year as a kindergartener.