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Award Winning Student Conquers All Challenges


Tell this young lady that she can’t do something and watch what happens. Teased by some of her classmates that girls are not as good as boys in math, Christine counteracted this misconception and ranked #1 in the Math Olympiad nationals and #7 in the Math Olympiad internationals for her grade level.


Christine’s parents enrolled her in the Kumon Math and Reading program when she was three years old. By 4th grade, she finished the entire Kumon Reading Program, which concludes with critical reading of texts such as Shakespeare and understanding elements of literature such as figurative language and tragedy. Now Christine is about to go to 6th grade and she is finishing Math Level K, which covers many topics including quadratic, fractional, and exponential functions.


In 2013 Christine achieved high honors recognition in the John Hopkin’s Program-Center for Talent Youth. Christine is naturally drawn to math and sciences, but has also taken home gold and silver medals in the Washington Area Korean School Association for reading comprehension, storytelling and poetry competitions in the years spanning from 2010 to 2014. Christine is fascinated by different cultures and is now learning to speak Spanish, adding to her knowledge of basic Korean and Mandarin. She can also be found performing the traditional Korean Fan Dance where its fluid and graceful movements reveal her artistic side. She can proudly look back at her achievements as she anticipates new ones.


Click here and meet Christine, as she speaks of her Kumon journey.