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Committing to the Kumon Routine

The New Year is fast approaching, with many students looking forward to an extended holiday break. Although visions of sugar-plums may be dancing in your children’s heads, the daily routine of Kumon Worksheets is just as important during this period as it is when school is in session. Motivate and encourage your children to complete their daily Kumon Worksheets, and stay committed to the Kumon Program this holiday season.


Maintain Your Kumon Routine

It’s important to stick to the Kumon routine because the Kumon Program is designed for long-term dedication and a daily commitment. Just as your children need to brush their teeth and complete chores every day, Kumon Worksheets are a regular part of their daily routine. This daily commitment will help your students learn a little more each day, increasing their overall confidence and increasing their self-learning skills.

Set Up Study Hours

For many students, school may not be in session between Christmas and the New Year, but that does not mean that teachers have not given assignments. Teachers often assign homework or reading assignments for children to complete during winter break, so the children can stay focused and on track when classes resume in January. If your children have assignments, make sure to schedule time for them to complete them each day, just as if school were in session. If your children’s teachers did not assign any work, encourage your children to read books from the Kumon Recommended Reading List or from our 7 Books to Teach Your Children About the Importance of Giving blog post. Before your children leave school for holiday break, reach out to your Kumon Instructor about providing additional worksheets for your children to work on during their holiday break.

Can you think of any additional ways to fulfil your family’s commitment to the Kumon routine during the winter break?