Connor, 8; Instructor Yoko La Velle - Kumon

Connor, 8; Instructor Yoko La Velle

Connor has ambitious dreams for an eight year old, and he has the commitment and focus to see them through. In the last year he was named a World Champion in Taekwondo, became a G by 2 Kumon Student in math (achieved Algebra as a 2nd grader), and is working toward G by 3 in reading.

Connor enrolled at the Kumon Math & Reading Center of Granger at the age of four, beginning in level 4A math.  His sister, Caitlyn, enrolled a few months prior and worked her way up to G by 3 within a few short years.  Connor saw his sister’s success and decided he wanted to do the same. A year later, and one grade earlier, he did just that.
Conner says, “My greatest challenge is to get all of the Kumon Levels in math and reading done.  That is my biggest goal.  After getting G by 2 in math, I feel I can do anything! My next goal is to get G by 3 in reading too.”
Kumon founder, Toru Kumon, stressed the importance of completing daily assignments in order to reach a goal, a fact that is easier said than done. Many Kumon students participate in a myriad of activities, so being consistent with daily work requires great commitment and dedication, and Connor is no exception.  Outside of Kumon he participates in piano, Boy Scouts, tumbling class, bible school, and his favorite sport, Taekwondo.  In June, Connor went to Little Rock, Arkansas for the World Taekwondo Championship where he earned a World Championship title, the first of his classmates.  Earning the title required hours of daily practice at home and at school, and he still scheduled in his daily Kumon Math and Reading homework.
“I had no idea that he had become a champion when he came back to the center with his completed work,” said his Kumon Instructor Yoko La Velle. “He has shown that even in the busiest of times, we can have the dedication to keep up with daily academic work.”