Crystal, 15; Instructor: Christine Chang - Kumon

Crystal, 15; Instructor: Christine Chang

Crystal, 15, of San Francisco, Calif., learned about the importance of reading from her older sister’s experience struggling with grammar in school. Crystal’s sister urged her to finish the Kumon Reading Program to avoid experiencing similar difficulties. Her desire not to fail, and to accomplish academic goals her two older sisters had never achieved, motivated her to complete Kumon’s entire reading program.

Crystal, currently a high school freshman, says that Kumon has given her independence. “Kumon made me think and work harder,” she said. “I feel organized and I want to keep learning new concepts.”
At times Crystal struggled and even thought about quitting. However, she overcame these challenges by seeing consistent improvement in her schoolwork. From the beginning, Crystal’s Kumon Instructor, Christine Chang of Daly City, Calif., gave her daily guidance to keep Crystal disciplined and encouraged.
Crystal’s improved reading skills through Kumon allow her to explore new topics of interest, like the Summer Olympics and speed skating. The more she read, the more she learned. Work that was once difficult to understand became much clearer, like deciphering a Shakespearean sonnet.
Crystal hopes other students will gain the benefit of enjoying reading and writing from Kumon. “When I write stories for school, I love using words that I know people will scratch their heads and have to think about.”
The motivation that drove her to complete the reading program is pushing her now to also complete the math program. Over the summer, Crystal hopes to volunteer at the Daly City Kumon Center so that she can encourage others to enjoy the endless possibilities of reading and writing.