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Cultivating Your Child’s Love of Learning with Kumon

Instilling a life-long love of learning in children is one of the goals of the Kumon Program. Studies have shown that students who enjoy learning at an early age are more likely to enjoy—and continue—learning beyond high school and college. Through step-by-step learning and individualized instruction, the structure of the Kumon Program encourages students to learn throughout their academic and professional careers.

Students learn at different speeds. While one student may have difficulty learning to add three-digit numbers, another may have trouble understanding the concept of multiplication. A child who struggles often avoids studying because of those difficulties. To prevent a child from becoming discouraged, the Kumon Program provides each student with worksheet-based lessons at a level that is “just right” for them. As your child progresses through the Kumon Program, the worksheet concepts gradually advance, thereby developing and strengthening academic abilities.

The Kumon Method helps foster a love of learning in your child while providing him or her with the tools and materials necessary to achieve lasting success. As Toru Kumon said, “If the pace of advancement is ‘just right,’ the children will develop their abilities.”

To find out how the Kumon Program can help foster your child’s love of learning, visit your local Kumon Center.