Dawson, 11: Instructor Marga Bailey - Kumon

Dawson, 11: Instructor Marga Bailey

March 30, 2011 ~
When Dawson’s parents suspected he might have dyslexia, a learning disability they had both overcome, they began looking for a supplemental education program to help him get ahead of the game. Dawson’s mom remembered Kumon from time spent living abroad in Japan.

“Before we enrolled Dawson in Kumon, he displayed almost no confidence,” said dad, Randy. “Now he is showing real signs of leadership and is able to keep up with his peers.”

Eleven-year-old Dawson has been studying at the South Beaverton Center in Oregon for the last four years and is currently studying level E in math and CI in reading.

Dawson’s parents look at Kumon as an investment in their son’s future. He approaches his work with a good attitude and knows he is smart but just has to work harder than his peers.

South Beaverton Instructor Marga Bailey works closely with the family and has seen a change in Dawson.

“Dawson has worked very hard over the past few years. He is now reading well enough to be very confident with his ability,” said Bailey. “He understands that reading will likely always be difficult but is ready for the challenge.”

His dad understands that dyslexia is often perceived as a weakness but believes this challenge has showcased Dawson’s real strengths. “We have seen him blossom into a very skilled communicator, and we are seeing that he is making good decisions, even if that isn’t what his friends or classmates choose to do,” said Randy.

Dawson has used his confidence and skills to speak about dyslexia. He recently gave a report about athletes, business owners and scientists such as Muhammad Ali, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein, who all accomplished great things despite having dyslexia.