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Defining Success: What It Means for Our Student and Parent

engaged students Defining Success for themselves

What is success? It may seem like a simple question, but success can mean different things to different people. While success is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a favorable outcome,” it often means something much greater. For some, it means accomplishing a long-term goal, while for others, it means fulfilling one’s life-long dream.


At Kumon, the idea of success can vary between parents and students alike. Despite the various definitions of success, Kumon Students and parents agree that the Kumon Method helps them succeed. Check out these Kumon Success Stories below, and don’t forget to visit our Facebook page to share your own story.


Building Self-Confidence


“Kumon increased my self-confidence because now I know I can do things on my own instead of depending on my parents and teachers.” – Rohith, Kumon Student from Wellington, FL


“I was a math student at Kumon for five years and loved every minute of it! It gave me a very solid foundation of basic and advanced skills, and it gave me confidence that stayed with me to high school. I will never forget the positive impact Kumon had on me. I would not be the student I am today without this!”  – Shuchi, Kumon Student from Atlanta, GA


“The Kumon curriculum challenged me to understand Shakespeare and improve my vocabulary and writing ability. Kumon taught me that I could master anything in school and life.” – Fahim, Kumon Student from Riverhead, NY


“Because of the way Kumon is structured, my son has built confidence, which has also led to a sense of perfectionism within him. Before Kumon he wouldn’t talk if he couldn’t find the right words. Now, because of the reading program, he has an increased vocabulary and can find the right words to use.” – Marianne, Kumon Mom from Walnut, CA


Unlocking Potential


“I am proud of the fact that I was able to work a little each day to reach my goals. Kumon helped me unlock my true potential and discover who I really was.” – Jagath, Kumon Student from Plano, TX


“Kumon, from the start, has been our energizer battery; it keeps going and going, helping my daughter reach her full potential. Kumon has been our road to success. Kumon has instilled more than math and reading in my daughter’s life; it also instilled this wonderful value that if you try your best, you’ll get somewhere.” – Rowena, Kumon Mom from North Burbank, CA


“Kumon helped encourage my son to be the best that he can be. I want him to work hard and be successful at whatever career and life path he chooses.” – Cindy, Kumon Mom from Santa Clarita, CA


Fostering Independent Learning


“My son’s self-learning increased after he joined Kumon and he believes he can solve problems or work on any project as independently as he can.”- Karthik, Kumon Dad from Wellington, FL


“The most valuable part of my Kumon experience was the work ethic it instilled that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I was able to work more independently, and advance in school to levels I never thought I would be taking. I hope to encourage other students to stay motivated and complete the program.” – Jonathan, Kumon Student from Middletown, Maryland


Achieving Academic Success


“Success for us is seeing our son now performing above his grade level in math. Success is now watching our son enjoy math rather than fearing it as he once did.” – David, Kumon Parent from Lakewood, CO


“My daughter’s work in Kumon helps her quickly complete homework. As a result she is able to spend her time perfecting her skills as a level five gymnast.” – Lauren Locke, Kumon Mom from Charlotte, NC


“I was getting my schoolwork done faster and I felt great. When I started doing better on tests and quizzes, I really felt that Kumon was making a difference.” – Gaurav Student, Kumon of Kendall Park


“I understand a lot more when I’m taught new things in class. Kumon really helps me get good grades.” – Samantha, Kumon Student from Encino, CA


“My hard work in Kumon has really paid off as it made the math portion of the SAT easy for me and allowed me to earn a perfect score. As a result, I have been selected as a National Merit finalist and have received several full-ride scholarship offers from colleges.” – Jocelyn, Kumon Student from Plano, Texas