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Developing Lifelong Skills from the Kumon Program

The skills developed as a Kumon Student can be applied in all areas of life. As Toru Kumon said, “Having 36 years of experience, I can confidently say that children develop fine character traits in the process of improving their academic abilities at Kumon.” Below, we share the successes of two Kumon Students who have applied the skills they have acquired from the Kumon Program to their academic and future careers.


Norman, Kumon Student from Bridgewater, NJ

Perseverance is one of the many lasting benefits Norman received from the Kumon Program. As a Kumon Student, he learned how to face new concepts with determination and confidence. He said, “Constantly challenging yourself tests how much you can achieve. By setting your goals high, you will never feel as if you failed. You will always land somewhere where you feel positive and confident about yourself.”


Additionally, the Kumon Program helped Norman hone his critical-thinking skills in order to achieve success as a nationally-ranked debater. A crucial element of debating is the ability to read various types of news articles and research, thoroughly grasping their meanings and then synthesizing that material to formulate an effective, persuasive argument. Through a variety of texts ranging from archaeological discoveries to the tragic and comedic plots of Shakespeare’s plays, the Kumon Reading Program gave him the skills to analyze densely written material and identify what constitutes a powerful argument. Combined together, all the skills that Norman developed through the Kumon Program have enabled him to become a confident, well-rounded student embarking on his studies as an undergraduate at Harvard University.


Trevor, Kumon Student from Willingdon, AB, Canada

As an award-winning violinist, public speaker, and author, Trevor’s passion for the arts and business has helped him achieve success, inspiring audiences of all ages to follow their dreams. Much of the success he has accomplished can be connected to the strong foundation he built and the lasting skills he developed as a Kumon Student. With his daily Kumon assignments, he learned the importance of practice. If he didn’t succeed at first, he understood that practice would help him improve his skills. For example, when he illustrates his novels, he routinely develops multiple drafts until he is certain the images are just right. For him, the final result is always worth the extra effort. Trevor also learned the importance of persistence. Guided by the principle of a limitless potential and through the rigors of the Kumon Program, he learned to never give up.


For more information on how the Kumon Program can help your child develop skills that will last a lifetime, contact your local Kumon Center.