Dhruv, 13, and Matthew, 15: Instructor, Lovina Saxena - Kumon

Dhruv, 13, and Matthew, 15: Instructor, Lovina Saxena

March 20, 2012 ~

As Kumon students attending the local center in Shorewood, IL, Dhruv, 13, and Matthew, 15, like to engage in a little friendly competition. Both students already hold the impressive title of Kumon Reading Completer. Dhruv completed the final reading level in December 2011, while Matthew finished the reading program in 2010. But who will be first to complete the Kumon Math program?

When it comes to getting their Kumon work complete, Matthew and Dhruv both like to encourage one another. “Dhruv definitely motivates me to do my work,” said Matthew.
From the start, both students have been dedicated to their work in school and at Kumon, always remaining motivated to succeed. Dhruv enrolled in Kumon’s Math and Reading program in 2008 and made the Kumon North America Honor Roll in both subjects within one year. Matthew joined Kumon in 2005 and quickly excelled as well, achieving ASHR in math within three months. “I never really thought I’d be in Kumon long enough to finish the whole program, but as I started getting into the higher levels, I realized that I could,” he said. “Realizing how Kumon has helped me academically, I decided that I should go for it.”
Dhruv wouldn’t necessarily describe Kumon as fun in the beginning, but he quickly began to see the benefits. “I changed my mind when I began to show my parents my high grades and even higher test scores,” he said. “The investment we have made in our children with Kumon has paid off in greater dividends than we could have ever imagined,” said Dhruv’s parents Shital and Tapan Mehta.
Both students are now working hard to complete the Kumon Math program, which ends in level O. Matthew just aced the level K math test and will start working as a Kumon Assistant at the center this summer. “Kumon is definitely not what we expected six years ago, but neither is our son today,” said Matthew’s parents Dominick and Jeanie Chellino.
Dhruv was recently selected as a finalist for admission to a prestigious college-prep high school. Regardless of who finishes the entire program first, both students know they will leave Kumon with not only a great friendship, but tools to succeed in life.