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Driving Determination and Success: How Kumon Helped Two Students Exceed Their Goals

Determination, not ability, is the fundamental driver of success. When Toru Kumon founded the Kumon Program in 1954, he established it with this idea in mind. As a math teacher in Japan, Toru Kumon believed that all children have the potential to succeed regardless of their abilities. With the Kumon Program, he aimed to help all children reach their full potential. Since 1954, the Kumon Program has helped millions of children develop their potential and achieve success beyond their greatest expectations.  We invite you to read two of those students’ success stories below.

Marek from Chicago, IL

When Marek was in fifth grade, his mother, Krystyna, enrolled him in the Kumon Program as a way to accompany his home schooling before he reached sixth grade. Shortly after enrolling in the Kumon Program, Marek become enthusiastic about his Kumon work and his successes as he progressed in the Kumon Math Program from Level B to Level O in only twenty-two months.

Krystyna notes the transformative effect the Kumon Program had on her son’s confidence. “His increase in confidence is directly proportional to his success in the Kumon Program. The Kumon Program has improved his ability to self-motivate himself.” His successes in the Kumon Program have motivated him to extend his success in the Math Program to the Kumon Reading Program as well. He hopes to become a Kumon Reading Completer before he reaches eighth grade.

Clare from Los Gatos, CA

Clare, the oldest of three girls, became a Kumon Student at the age of five. She gradually advanced from Level 5A to Level I in Math and Level 7A to Level G in Reading. As a result of her dedication and commitment to the Kumon Program, she was accepted into the esteemed Robert Louis Stevenson School in Monterey, CA. When asked about her experience at Kumon, she said, “It has been nine years of Kumon and I have reached my goal with Kumon’s help. The Kumon Program has played such a big part of my life. By doing Kumon, I have developed a way of thinking that reaches beyond math and reading and has helped me in many aspects of my life.”