Dual Kumon Program Completers and Sisters Gain Skills Beyond Academics

Dual Kumon Program Completers and Sisters Gain Skills Beyond Academics

Megan 17-years-old and Ava 14-years-old, Dual Program Completers

Megan and Ava have been Kumon Students for over ten years. Their parents first enrolled them to improve their learning skills and independence. They initially intended to only keep their daughters until Level G, however they gained so much more than just math and reading skills. It only took six months for their parents to start noticing the progress their daughters were making. With improved grades and a boost in their motivation, the sisters were accomplishing all they set out for.

Ten years later, both Megan and Ava are now Kumon Math and Reading Program completers and now work at their local center as graders. Though they completed the program individually and at their own pace, they each learned many similar lessons.

To Megan, Kumon has played a big role in the character that students’ build. Since Kumon encourages self-learning, she believes that students naturally become more mature and confident throughout their Kumon journey.

Ava feels that while Kumon has helped her in the classroom, it has also helped her outside of the classroom as well. “Kumon has helped me increase my critical thinking skills, and it helped me learn more life skills at a faster pace,” says Ava.

Whether it is life experiences or skills, Kumon has played a big role in the lives of Megan and Ava.

Megan and Ava share highlights from their Kumon journey and plans for the future.

How has Kumon helped you outside of the classroom?

Megan: Kumon has helped me overall become more independent. Outside of the classroom, I am able to learn new hobbies and activities, such as sewing and new languages by teaching myself.

Ava: Kumon has helped me learn and navigate life skills at my own pace.

What are some activities you enjoy doing outside of Kumon?

Megan: Some activities I enjoy are painting, listening to music and podcasts, watching films, and playing the cello.

Ava: Some activities I enjoy doing outside of school and Kumon are playing sports like tennis or running, and volunteering for Special Olympics or for my local food bank.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Megan: I hope to be a part of the medical field, especially in pediatrics

 Ava: I want to be an engineer manager when I grow up.

What advice would you give to kids just starting Kumon?

Megan: I would like to tell them that patience brings success. By being patient with learning and with yourself, your time at Kumon will be enriching.

Ava: A piece of advice I would give to kids just starting Kumon, is that it may not seem important, but it’s  going to help you grow academically and make it a whole lot better.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Megan: I am proud of setting up my own STEM program over the summer for kids, achieving multiple leadership positions in and out of school, and completing the Kumon Math and Kumon Reading Program.

Ava: Some achievements that I am proud of is making it on  the high school tennis team, receiving an exemplary dedication award from my math teacher, and being a representative in my school’s Student and Class Council.

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