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Instill a love for learning in your child through the Kumon Program.

How to Help Your Early Learner with Kumon

You’ve enrolled your early learner in the Kumon Program – what a wonderful journey you have embarked upon! Young children love to learn and are naturally curious. As you may have already seen, young learners naturally focus on what interests them. Your Kumon Instructor has the privilege of developing your child as a lifelong


What Do Children Need To Know Before Starting Kindergarten?

The start of kindergarten marks the end of a child’s toddler years and opens them to a totally different educational world. Making that transition can be fraught with anxiety, from both the child and parent’s perspective. Whether they went to daycare, preschool or VPK, a new classroom and teacher can also bring new expectations and


Summer Kindergarten Prep Activities to Prepare Your Child

Preschoolers can confidently transition to kindergarten this fall by preparing for the school year over the summer. There are a variety of summer activities to involve your child in to give him or her a solid foundation and the confidence to learn new material. But where do you start? Let’s break down some skills


How to Encourage Your Preschooler’s Brain Development

Any parent of a teenager can tell you a thing or two about
growth spurts. But did you know that your preschooler may be going through a
growth spurt of their own? They may not be getting much taller just yet, but
you can bet that their brain is growing rapidly.