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Instill a love for learning in your child through the Kumon Program.

A young child active learning using an ipad with stylus pencil on a couch

Active Technology Can Benefit Students in a Digital World  

In today’s classroom, students might be as likely to talk about the Elmo Visual Presenter, a computerized digital projector, as Elmo the red, fuzzy and lovable “Sesame Street” character who loves hugs. 

It’s the digital world they live in, and today’s children are enveloped by it in both their home and

A 4 year old practices her reading at a library

Why Parents Should Seek Reading Programs for 4-Year-Olds in Addition to Preschool

For many parents, sending children to preschool seems like a huge first step toward starting school. But is it enough? Do parents with children in preschool also need to enroll them in supplemental reading programs for 4-year-olds?

The answer may depend on a parent’s goals. Do they want their preschoolers to

A preschool student reviews yellow flash cards on a table with her mother

What are the First Sight Words A Child Learns? 

The first sight words a child learns are the most commonly used words in written texts. 

Thankfully, much of the process of learning sight words, often termed high-frequency words, has already been simplified and educationally mapped over the last century by literacy professionals, including Kumon. 

Importance of Sight

pre-school student studying to prepare herself

What Math Skills Do Children Need Before Kindergarten?

Parents need to keep the goal of setting a solid foundation for continued learning in mind when they consider, “What math skills do children need before kindergarten?”

Kindergarten is a big new challenge for kids. It’s often their first experience with structured learning. They will be introduced to many new concepts