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Early Learners: Seven Days of Kumon

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Kumon’s colorful and engaging worksheets help preschoolers develop a love of learning that can last a lifetime. From proper pencil holding, to organizational skills, to perseverance, Kumon prepares preschoolers for kindergarten by developing habits that contribute to long-term academic success. In the Kumon Reading Program, preschoolers advance from letters and sounds to forming words and reading sentences, with nothing missed in between. In the Kumon Math Program, they advance incrementally from recognizing and writing numbers to addition and subtraction, ensuring they learn exactly what they need.

Learn more about how Kumon’s Early Learner levels can help set our littlest learners up for a lifetime of success.

What Is the Kumon Early Learner Program?

Discover everything you want to know about the Early Learner levels of the Kumon Program with this helpful video.

3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Toddler Into An Early Learner Program

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Are you still deciding whether a supplemental program will benefit your child? Here are three reasons to enroll your preschooler in an early learner program.

4 Ways Kumon Helps Preschoolers Develop Important Handwriting Skills

Children coloring in the classroom

Did you know the Kumon Program includes two levels designed specifically to help young children develop their handwriting skills? Learn all about these levels and how they help your children improve their fine motor skills.

Developing Fine Motor Skills: How Kumon Helps Strengthen Your Child’s Handwriting Skills

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Want to learn more about Kumon’s handwriting levels for preschoolers? This article shares how Kumon can help your child improve their handwriting before entering kindergarten.

What Are The School Readiness Skills That Preschoolers Learn In Kumon?

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Kindergarten readiness is a big concern for parents of young children. Learn how Kumon helps prepare preschoolers for that next step.

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

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Learn more about the skills your child will need in kindergarten and how Kumon can help develop them.