Eddington, 16; Instructor Gandhi Dorairaj - Kumon

Eddington, 16; Instructor Gandhi Dorairaj

A decade can bring a number of amazing events and life changes. Just ask Eddington, one of Canada’s youngest program completers. Eddington was not struggling academically when he came into the Kumon Program. However, he was hungry for new challenges and wanted to push his academic and personal limits to learn something new and exciting every day. “I’ve always wanted to be the best,” said Eddington. “I firmly believe that the Kumon Method has helped me greatly in reaching my full potential.”

Eddington has studied at the Scarborough Town Center Kumon Math and Reading Center in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, for more than 10 years. Throughout his experience with Kumon, Eddington has always remained focused on mastering the challenge he set for himself, including starting the program at the age of four and completing the Kumon Math Program.

Today, Eddington is an honors student and volunteer math tutor at his school. The 16-year-old can now look back and proudly say, “When I set my mind to it, no challenge is too great.”

Having moved to Canada from Hong Kong, Eddington’s father, Einstein, knows first hand the importance of preparing children for global competition.

“Eddington’s work ethic, self-confidence and motivation to learn beyond his age or grade have made the successes he’s experienced possible,” said Einstein. “I have no doubt in my mind that these achievements are a precursor of greater things to come in his future.”

When he’s not learning everything he can in school, Eddington can be found on stage, performing in live theater shows at this high school. He looks forward to a future in the arts as well as pursuing a post secondary education in the sciences.