Emily, 6, Jordyn, 4, and Sophie, 2; Instructor Wiggy and Lucia Limantoro - Kumon

Emily, 6, Jordyn, 4, and Sophie, 2; Instructor Wiggy and Lucia Limantoro

Success is usually something that we attribute to the hard work and discipline of the child. However, an important element of a successful student is a supportive parent. Just ask Sara, a Kumon parent and former student of the program.“If parents aren’t as committed as their children, education suffers,” said the mother of three. “The Kumon Program is a privilege for us, and we work hard to get the most out of that privilege each and every day.”

The results her family has experienced speak for themselves. Her oldest daughter, 6- year-old Emily, is currently in kindergarten doing three-digit addition and reading short novels, much to the surprise of her school teacher. Jordyn, her 4-year-old, is in preschool and already pushing his boundaries after only one year in the program. He’s growing as a student and an individual, finding a passion for art and a confidence to tackle new materials and concepts.

Recently, Jordyn and Emily were recognized at a Student Achievement Celebration in British Columbia, Canada held by Kumon Instructors Wiggy and Lucia Limantoro, for achieving Advanced Student Honor Roll, Rising Star and Anniversary awards. After the ceremony, Jordyn said, “I want to do more work, so I can win more awards.”

“Being a part of my children’s growth through the Kumon Program has been memorable,” Sara said. “My parents enrolled me in the program because I was struggling in math. I’m thrilled to give my children the chance to equate education and school with success, confidence and enjoyment right from the beginning.”

The family spends it’s free time participating in local sports activities and traveling, always taking Kumon work along with them. Sara’s youngest, 2-year-old Sophie, just enrolled in Jr. Kumon and is following in the successful footsteps of her brother, sister and mother.