Encouraging a Love of Reading - Kumon

Encouraging a Love of Reading

By encouraging a love of books early, parents can help their children develop inquisitive minds, full of purpose and imagination. The Kumon Reading Program aims to cultivate a high level of reading ability, while introducing a variety of literature to children. Through continual study and practice, children develop skills that lead to critical thinking.


As Kumon students progress through the various levels of the reading program, they enhance their reading ability by moving from words, to sentences, to paragraphs and longer passages. As they reach more advanced levels in the program, they begin developing summary and critique skills. Whether authored by Maurice Sendak or William Shakespeare, students will read titles that are intended to provoke thought and imagination.


In his autobiography Give It a Try, Toru Kumon said, “I believe that the ability to think is developed by reading books.” The Kumon Method develops academic ability, as well as the mindset and skills needed for students to become critical thinkers. Whatever path your children take, the ability to observe text closely and discover the subtle meaning in words is an essential part of their growth and development.


As students progress into the higher levels of the Kumon Reading Program, they are challenged to look closely at the context of a passage and develop an understanding of the writer’s intention. Students develop skills that enable them to become even more thoughtful and inquisitive people. Ultimately, these skills lead to success in school and in life.