Encouraging Self-Learning at Home - Kumon

Encouraging Self-Learning at Home

At Kumon, students develop the ability to solve unfamiliar and challenging tasks independently. The desire to take on new challenges is fostered in students, because they feel a sense of accomplishment in their daily study. Helping children acquire the ability of self-learning can sometimes be a challenge, but being able to learn independently is a skill that lasts a lifetime.

Here are some ways to compliment the Kumon Method at home:

Keep the balance

When encouraging children to become self-learners, parents need to maintain the balance between helping their children with homework and doing the work for them. If children encounter difficulty with a problem, suggest they attempt to solve it independently before asking for help. When students require help with work at their Kumon Center, the Instructor assists them by giving subtle hints so the students are encouraged to think independently.

Encourage your children’s curiosity

Foster your children’s curiosity by encouraging them to read for pleasure. Suggest they read books on subjects that interest them. Engage your children in open-ended conversations about books they’ve read by asking questions such as, “Why did you like that book?” or “Did you learn anything new when you read that book?” Be sure to check out Kumon’s Recommended Reading List for books your children can read.

Praise the process, not just the achievement

Kumon believes that encouragement is essential to develop confidence in learning. Parents can follow the same routine at home. It is important to praise children’s specific efforts as well as their achievements. For example, rather than saying, “You’re a smart boy.” try saying, “You worked so hard to figure out that problem.” Keep in mind that demonstrating consistent effort is just as important as receiving a high test score.

By promoting the Kumon Method at home, parents can give their children the opportunity to develop self-learning ability at the Kumon Center and at home.