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Exceeding Expectations: How the Kumon Program Helped Two Students Achieve Their Goals

“I sincerely hope that all children, whatever their level of scholastic ability, will have a chance to study the Kumon Method because we consider it our mission to bring out the hidden potential in each and every child.” – Toru Kumon

As highlighted in the “Defining Success: What It Means to a Kumon Parent and Student” blog post, the notion of success can have different meanings depending on your goals. However, the ability to surpass those goals is an overwhelming indication of success. When children exceed their expectations, a realm of possibilities open, allowing them to dream bigger and truly unlock their potential, just as Toru Kumon intended. To help encourage your children to achieve their goals, we would like to share inspiring stories from two students who were able to achieve success with help from the Kumon Program.

Julia, Kumon Student from Boston, MA

After being enrolled as a Kumon Student for the past six years, Julia truly understands how much the Kumon Program has helped her succeed. Unwilling to allow a learning disability to hold her back, Julia was able to excel beyond her expectations with help from the Kumon Program and her Kumon Instructor. In a recent letter thanking her Instructor, she wrote, “Kumon has helped me so much, especially with multiplication. Having a learning disability made it hard to do Kumon, but I pulled through it. Seeing 100s on math tests made me realize that Kumon helped me get those 100s. Thank you for helping a girl who never thought she’d achieve success.”

Christopher, Kumon Student from Kettering, OH

Kumon has been a part of Christopher’s life since he was in kindergarten. Six years later, he continues to feel a sense of accomplishment when conquering a challenging problem and completing a new level in the Kumon Program. His successes with the program have helped him with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. After participating in the ACSI Math Olympics, he placed second in Computation in his grade level. As a result of his dedication to the Kumon Program, he set a new goal to reach Level N in the Kumon Math Program before he completes high school. Students in this level begin by studying loci and quadratic inequalities. As a sixth grader, he has already reached Level J (advanced algebra); so he is well on his way toward completing his new goal.

For more information on how the Kumon Program can help your children exceed their expectations, contact your local Kumon Center.