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Exercising the Long-Term Strategy in Your Children’s Kumon Routine

Every day, millions of people across North America spend time exercising their bodies. Some train to run a marathon, while others simply want to stay in shape. Each time people work out, they build and strengthen their muscles to help achieve their next goal. Regardless of your fitness goals, maintaining an exercise routine is challenging. It requires motivation, effort, and commitment. In order to achieve goals, it’s a good idea to set long-term goals. Setting long-term goals allows you to visualize the future. When you have a vision of your future goals, the daily routine of exercise becomes easier.

The Kumon Method is very similar to maintaining an exercise routine. It requires daily practice, motivation, and the vision of a long-term goal in order for students to achieve lasting success. Daily Kumon practice, just like regular exercise, helps children build and strengthen their mental muscles by helping them recall math facts quickly and read more fluently.  Motivation is another key part to success to both regular exercise and the Kumon Method. Without the right amount of encouragement, the uphill battle towards success can seem even more daunting. Visualizing long-term goals makes it easier to stay committed to achieving them.
The road to achieving your long-term goals can be broken down into medium term and short term goals to help keep your child motivated. Just as a marathon runner in training will need to conquer a five mile run before he can complete the full twenty-six miles, your child will need to achieve smaller milestones before completing the bigger ones. Your child’s daily Kumon worksheets are important short-term goals designed to help him or her reach long-term goals such as achieving grade level equivalency or making the Honor Roll.

Just like with exercise, you may not see results overnight. Over time, the results from the Kumon Program are sure to show, as long as you and your child are committed to completing their Kumon worksheets every day. While the commitment to the Kumon Program may be harder some days than on others, it is important to remind your child to focus on his or her long term goals to get through the short-term struggles. However, if these difficulties persist, talk with your Instructor about adjusting the Kumon Program to best fit their needs. Just like with regular exercise, your child’s program and routine may need to be adjusted from time to time, but the adjustment ultimately will help your child reach their long-term goals.

Your instructor is your partner. Call your local Kumon Center or visit www.Kumon.com and schedule an appointment today to review your child’s individual goals.