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Expanding Your Child’s World through the Kumon Reading Program

At Kumon, we aim to cultivate a high level of reading ability by encouraging children to read books as a regular part of their Kumon studies. The Kumon Reading Worksheets help students build their vocabulary and improve their reading ability. Once students develop a love of learning, they continue to acquire knowledge through reading well after high school and college.

Just as Toru Kumon said when speaking of his own children, “The reason I wanted my children to have early reading education was because once they were able to gain a broad knowledge of the world through books, classes like history and geography at junior and senior high school would become more than just rote learning. It was also my hope that they would grow to be people who would keep reading even after graduating from school.”

The Kumon Reading Program helps students understand and analyze text. By studying words as parts of sentences, sentences as parts of paragraphs, and paragraphs as parts of passages, students practice the skills that will be important for them in high school, college, and beyond. Materials in the Kumon Reading Program include excerpts from both fiction and non-fiction texts, covering topics that range from science and social studies to geography. As Maria Gibb, a Kumon mom from Saskatchewan, Canada, said, “My daughter hasn’t just improved her reading ability; she’s also learned all about different religions, the galaxy and various constellations, different ways of life, cultural traditions, geography, and so on. That, plus the comprehension training, is a big, big help with many school subjects.”

For more information on how the Kumon Program can help expand your child’s world, contact your local Kumon Center.