Fabiana, 12: Instructor Sonia Radice - Kumon

Fabiana, 12: Instructor Sonia Radice

April 13, 2011 ~
When Grade 4 student Fabiana first set foot into her Kumon Center in RDP, she was excited about Kumon and what she would be studying. Angela, Fabiana’s mom, had tried conventional tutoring when she was told that Fabiana had a minor learning disability with reading and writing, but decided to try Kumon after it was recommended by another parent.
Fabiana advanced quickly, developing pre-reading skills by saying letter sounds and putting sounds together. With hard work and dedication, she finished level after level and stuck with it. Now in Grade 6 and working on building paragraphs and complex sentences, Fabiana remembers that it wasn’t quite as much fun as she imagined it would be. “In Levels BI and BII, I almost quit,” she said. “I kind of lost myself there. I wasn’t doing the work properly, I wasn’t focusing and I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. I had to keep going back!”
When asked what kept her in the center and what advice she had for other Kumon students feeling the same way, she replied, “Don’t stop trying! Ask yourself, ‘Why am I not trying?’ You always have to motivate yourself because there won’t always be someone there to motivate you. In your mind, you have to put your foot down and decide to succeed, or you’re going to stay in the same spot. That’s what Kumon did for me … it helped me to encourage and to motivate myself.”
Fabiana’s mom is happy to see the progress her daughter has made. “Her behavior, attitude and interest in school has changed. I didn’t notice it overnight. It was a gradual process. Before, she wasn’t too keen on doing anything extra to improve her writing and reading. Now, she doesn’t need as much assistance in her classes, she takes the initiative to improve herself and she has been accepted into the enriched English class for high school!”
A fan of hip-hop music and reading fantasy books, Fabiana is looking towards her future. “My eye, right now, is on being a writer at some point in my life  to have people know my books and what I write about. But as I see more things that are available, the more I want to go after them.”