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Falling Back into Your School Routine with Kumon

Getting the school year off to a good start can sometimes be a challenge. Adjusting to new schedules and managing priorities can be a bit stressful on the whole family. However, there are ways to help make the transition seamless. Use these three ways Kumon can help your family get ready for the new school year.

  • Transition into your fall routine

As the new school year approaches Kumon can help ease your children’s transition from summer to fall.  The routine of daily practice and Kumon worksheets will make the adjustment to studying and homework from their school teachers easier, as your child will be used to completing daily assignments. If your child resists completing his or her Kumon assignments, visit our blog post on ways to encourage your child to do Kumon or reach out to your Instructor for additional resources.

  • Make homework a priority

As the new school year begins, be sure to reinforce the importance of homework. Remind your children that daily Kumon worksheets and school assignments are both equally important and should be completed every day. Although it can be difficult to manage both assignments, your children should recognize that Kumon is a supplement to their education. Practicing Kumon each day will make your children’s school assignments easier to complete as they progress throughout the Kumon Program.

  • Set goals

This is also a great time to set academic goals for your children, such as making the Honor Roll or completing the next Kumon Level.  Talk to your children’s teacher and Kumon Instructor to help manage your expectations and set appropriate academic goals. Throughout the school year, schedule regular meetings with both their teacher and Kumon Instructor to make sure that your children are currently on track to meet their goals.

As your family works on adjusting to your new schedule, be sure to subscribe to our blog for more information on how to help your family get ready for the new school year.